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Studies have shown the lack of sleep speeds up risky decisions.

  Heightened expectations and low risk perception – that is what lack of sleep seems to induce when decision making during gambling was studied in an experimental study. This showed that parts of the brain, where regions were important in responding to losses were under-recruited when losses were encountered. This represents a double jeopardy – expecting a higher payout when none is really offered and being less sensitive to loss, when it might be prudent to be.

  Sleep deprivation affects many aspects of our well being. It impairs vigilance, flexible thinking, working memory, and executive functioning. People appear to make fewer optimal decisions when they lack adequate sleep.

  Understanding why we make poorer choices when sleep deprived is important not only because of the increaseing numbers of persons affected, but also because there exists today, unprecedented  opportunities to incur damaging losses by means such as online gambling. This work is one of many that evaluated the neutral correlates of decison-making but the first to apply such methods to sleep deprived individuals.

  It was observed that there are quite large differences to the necessity for sleep. While most lay persons do not question the need for sleep and acknowledge that sleep restriction for whatever reason is something they would avoid if given a chance, there are a surprising number of persons like Thomas Edison who felt that sleep was optional and that man would evolve to do away with sleep.

A 2007 study in the journal Sleep used a gambling task to show that risky decisions can be more attractive to a sleep-deprived brain. The study also cites other research showing that well-rested people learn to avoid high risks and choose what is most advantageous, while sleep-deprived people tend to continue making high-risk decisions.


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  With all the time and money now being spent on achieving a better night’s sleep, “Forbes” says sleep is now the new sex. Laura Berman, the director of the Berman Center for Woman’s Sexual health joined “Situation” to discuss ‘Forbes’ new study, as well as this disturbing new trend:

Tucker Carlson, host of ‘Situation’:  This is depressing as hell. Is this real?

Laura Berman:  In many ways it is real. We are sleep deprived as a nation. And we are trying to fit too mych into 24-hour day-sleeping pills and sleeping aid and sleeping mattresses, ‘Forbes’ is right, are on overdrive and being sold like crazy. But I think the main reason people are sleepless is primarily because of stress and depression more than anything else.

Carlson: Not because they’re having too much sex?

Berman: No. They’re not having enough sex! And ironically, the amazing part is that sex can actually really help you with sleep. And what ends up happening is that you try to pack too much in. you get into bed. You’re stressed. You’re uptight. And then you start getting stressed about not being able to fall asleep, and that keeps you even more sleepless.

Instead, you should try having sex. It will help you sleep, because it releases endorphins and you feel better about yourself. Or try to relax; give each other a massage. Or you can do two for one. In fact, I was just seeing that KY out with a two in one massage/touch product, where it doubles as a massage lotion, as well as a lubricant. So you can get two for one!

Carlson: At KY, they think of everything…  😉

Berman: Yes…

Carlson: Can you imagine a scenario in which sleep porn becomes popular?

Berman: There you go. You can wear those glasses or, you know, blindfold that has a video image running. And that will be the new kind of sex. We like multitasking, so you can get two done at once.

Carlson: Is there really a sleep crisis? I mean, it seems like one of those perennial stories, like LSD is coming back. “TIME” magazine does a cover on that every decade or so. Is there really a sleep crisis, though? Are people really sleeping less?

Berman: They really are. And it is a real issue because it becomes a vicious cycle. As we’re stressed and depressed, we’re not sleeping. And, we’re trying to fit too much in and we’re too anxious and we’re too worried about everything we have to get done. We just don’t get enough sleep and tat only represses our immune system, but it makes us more stressed and depressed, and the cycle continues. We need to look at this as a society and Americans, because its not only, you know, the fact that we’re avoiding sex, but we’re really not taking care of our bodies and ourselves and make that time for sleep.

Carlson: If you were to give three tips- what are your quick sex tips for improving the intimacy in your life?

Berman: I actually just did a big study on intimacy and found that couples who kiss regularly and spontaneously not only have higher levels of intimacy, general intimacy, but also have decreased levels of stress and depression.

So, instead of taking those sleeping aids, and buying that $1,000 mattress, try kissing your partner more and cuddling them more.  

We also found that sexual satisfaction not only is a stress reliever but impacts intimacy. Taking a vacation together, going on a date night a week, taking care of yourself, exercising. All of that will do great things for your stress levels, to alleviate depression, to enhance your relationship, which really enhances your quality of life and your sense of well being, which will all contribute to your sleep. If you do have a sleep problem that is really significant, before you start popping those pills, go to a sleep lab, take a home test, see a behaviorist. Don’t get caught into the cycle of taking these pills in a way that’s going to make you dependent and just create the problem be a band aid for a much larger problem.

Carlson: Yes. I think that’s wise advice. And finally, in one word, your choice is dinner or a movie? Not dinner and a movie. Dinner or a movie, what do you choose?

Berman: Definitely dinner, because a movie, you’re not talking to each other. It’s un-personal.

[sex not only helps you sleep, but you get a little exercise, you connect with your partner, and you release stress. Doing it safely, and wisely, your more opt to wake-up with a smile on your face, and the anticipation for a good day ahead, and a good night at home….sweet dreams 😉 ]