Good Morning Headache…

Posted on: November 4, 2009

     A new study takes a look at the like between morning headaches and obstructive sleep apnea. The study involved 462 people with sleep apnea and a controlled group that included 101 people without sleep apnea.

The results showed that about 34 percent of the sleep apnea group reported having morning headaches. People with moderate to severe sleep apnea were more likely to wake with a headache, as well as women were  more commonly to wake with frequent headaches rather than men.

People who reported morning headaches had much lower oxygen saturation levels during sleep, but the study was unable to determine a specific cause of the morning headaches.

The good news!

Treating sleep apnea with CPAP eliminated morning headaches in 90 percent of the participants. Other studies of sleep apnea and morning headaches have reported similar findings. But the exact nature of the relationship remains unclear.

Morning headaches can be considered a “nonspecific symptom” of sleep apnea. Waking with a headache is not a clear indication that you have sleep apnea. But you should talk to your doctor if you have frequent morning headaches. This may  be a cause for concern if you have other warning signs of sleep apnea.

Are  you at risk for sleep apnea? Complete this brief questionnaire to find out!

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